February 2012

Stay Away From Over-the-Counter Flea Medicine

"Some of the side effects associated with those over-the-counter products are vomiting, seizures and lethargy, and even death."

Many of us cat owners are well acquainted with fleas. I remember being perplexed when fleas started appearing on my indoor cat. But, they can come in many ways and I had to start treating her for them. I treat my kitty for fleas throughout the spring and summer, and fall if she needs it. When I first started treatment, I was confused as to the options. After doing some research, I realized that over-the-counter flea medications and collars are a no-no, and here is why.

Cat videos for a person hopelessly allergic to cats

Watch these videos and cry.

It's one of the great tragedies in my life that I'm severely allergic to cats. I sneeze and my eyes start burning if I get anywhere near a living room that houses a cat. But I really would love to have a cat at home. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, too, but cats like the solitude that I would inevitably provide them. Like many others allergic to cats, I feed my misery by watching cats being adorable or hysterical. There is no dearth of options on the Interwebs. Here are some of my favorite cat videos and pictures:

Lost Films

Will they ever be rediscovered?

There's something infinitely mysterious about lost movies. In modern day, it seems like footage never dies, even footage that (mostly celebrities) don't want to be aired, like sex tapes and other leakages. Today, we can't keep our videos to ourselves.

So, My Cat Loves Zucchini

I posted last week about my cat Charlotte needing to drop some weight. She’s about 8 years old, a large cat and approximately 18 pounds. Part of problem is that she’s old and lazy. She’s also never been a particularly energetic cat. She just wants to snuggle. After visiting the vet, we have been working to get her to lose weight. I posted that my vet mentioned trying to put zucchini in her bowl as a way to replace some of her food. I was dubious but – she loves it!

My Name is Charlotte and I’m a Big, Fat Cat

This is what my sweet cat Charlotte would say if she were able to type! I took her to her veterinarian appointment this morning for a full checkup and some grooming.. It was a huge pain, as most vet trips are, but once we get there, she’s very easy to work with. She’s approximately 8 years old and thus needed a senior checkup, sanitary shave and nail trim. She’s in terrific health but, we need to get her weight under control.