January 2012

Issues with Matting in Long Haired Cats

My cat Charlotte is a sweet love muffin surrounded by hair, lots and lots of hair. That hair has been an issue since day one, even as a sweet little kitty. I found balls of hair everywhere. Now my Charlotte is almost nine years old and it is a continual and frustrating problem. As cats age, and as they gain weight, being able to manage all of their hair can be challenging. Thus, the hair can get matted and that can be uncomfortable for the cat.

Custom Cat Collars

My cats don’t wear collars. The only time that they go outside is to use the bathroom and I have a high fence around my backyard and a cat door. Every time I put collars on my cats they take them off. I don’t agree with having outdoor cats but if I did have outdoor cats (I really recommend that no one does) my cats would have to wear collars and a tag. I came across some cool cat collars with adorable prints and patterns.  

Can Cats and Bunnies Get Along?

The answer is that it depends. How is that for a definitive answer? Honestly, there are just too many variables and depends on the temperaments and ages of individual cats and bunnies. Bunnies in particular can really vary from each other. Some are plain old mean and some are big love bugs. Mine happens to be a big lover! Here is how the whole cat/bunny thing works in my house.