December 2011

What Does Your Cat Love To Play With?

Cats are fairly easy to entertain. You don’t have to play fetch with them, thank goodness, and most can get comfortable just about anywhere. When you get a new cat or kitten, the temptation is to run out and buy all new toys and a fancy new cat bed. Cats often eschew those things and just go for something simple, or something that you never thought he would like! Either way, cats love to play with a myriad of things.

Cat Water Fountains – Fresh Water for Your Fur Babies

Just as we like to drink clean drinking water, as it tastes fresh. Cats love it too! If you put water in typical water bowls it can result in stagnant tasting water, even if you change them often. That can result if you put the water in bowls, even if you change it often. It’s crucial that your kitty gets enough water or risk bladder infections and rough fur. For both cats and humans, the water is what flushes out the body and toxins. A fun, cool cat item is a cat water fountain.

Keeping Cats Away From the Christmas Tree

If you have cats and you put a tree up for the holiday season, you know what a pain it is to keep them away from it. Maybe some cats can resist, but in my twenty years of experience with cats, I have yet to meet of one who isn’t enchanted with the blinking, sparkly tree to the point of needing to climb it—and perhaps even knock it over—for the sheer joy of it all.

This year, rather than groggily put the tree back into an upright position every morning only to repeat the cycle each day, I thought I would look into a couple of solutions for keeping the cats away to begin with. So far, nothing has worked in a sure-fire manner, but my two main strategies, when combined, have at least saved the tree—as well as our house plants!—from taking yet another nosedive.

What Is It With Cats and Christmas Trees?

Many of us cat lovers have walked out into the living room in the morning only to see our Christmas trees on the floor, or every ornament shattered and busted. Typically cats start to relax and back off the tree once they are no longer kittens. If you have kittens or young cats, it’s probably best to just put the tree up off of the floor or in a spot that they can’t reach.

One year, I had to pull my cat out of the Christmas tree at least twice a day. She would take a flying leap and nestle herself about half way up my medium-sized fake Christmas tree. I had to pull her out butt-first. She finally got bored of it after about seven days but she was really destructive during that time. I don’t have to tell you what this did to the decorations on the tree. I pretty much removed them all, as well as all garland. You get the picture! However, the entertainment that this provided was priceless.