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Cat Water Fountains – Fresh Water for Your Fur Babies

Just as we like to drink clean drinking water, as it tastes fresh. Cats love it too! If you put water in typical water bowls it can result in stagnant tasting water, even if you change them often. That can result if you put the water in bowls, even if you change it often. It’s crucial that your kitty gets enough water or risk bladder infections and rough fur. For both cats and humans, the water is what flushes out the body and toxins. A fun, cool cat item is a cat water fountain.

Sure, it may sound a bit luxurious but it lets them enjoy fresh water and it also saves you time as you don’t have to continually change the water. It is also a fun toy for them as they like to play with the moving water source.

There are different types, styles and colors of cat drinking fountains. If you have multiple cats, you may need a larger one. Most of them have charcoal filters that you will have to purchase separately.  Typically the water runs as a waterfall. Sometimes the water circulates instead.

Cat water fountains usually range in the $25 - $45 price range. There is no reason why you necessarily need a super pricey one.  An affordable cat water fountain, as long as it’s large enough for the number of cats in your household, should do the trick.