What Is It With Cats and Christmas Trees?

What Is It With Cats and Christmas Trees?

Many of us cat lovers have walked out into the living room in the morning only to see our Christmas trees on the floor, or every ornament shattered and busted. Typically cats start to relax and back off the tree once they are no longer kittens. If you have kittens or young cats, it’s probably best to just put the tree up off of the floor or in a spot that they can’t reach.

One year, I had to pull my cat out of the Christmas tree at least twice a day. She would take a flying leap and nestle herself about half way up my medium-sized fake Christmas tree. I had to pull her out butt-first. She finally got bored of it after about seven days but she was really destructive during that time. I don’t have to tell you what this did to the decorations on the tree. I pretty much removed them all, as well as all garland. You get the picture! However, the entertainment that this provided was priceless.

Why do they love Christmas trees? Who knows! Cats are intrigued by anything new in the home. Perhaps Christmas trees make them feel cozy as they are used to outside trees. I think that much of it has to do with what we put on the tree. The lights are enticing, the tinsel looks like snacks and the dangly ornaments resemble cat toys and are ripe for batting.

If you have cats, it’s best to avoid using any type of tinsel, or even garland, as they are choking hazards. If cats eat it, it can result in blockages and emergency surgery! Stick with garland towards the top or just lights and beads.

Don’t forget to take a photograph of your sweet kitty underneath the tree!