What Does Your Cat Love To Play With?

What Does Your Cat Love To Play With?

Cats are fairly easy to entertain. You don’t have to play fetch with them, thank goodness, and most can get comfortable just about anywhere. When you get a new cat or kitten, the temptation is to run out and buy all new toys and a fancy new cat bed. Cats often eschew those things and just go for something simple, or something that you never thought he would like! Either way, cats love to play with a myriad of things.


Cats like to be cozy. Put out a small to medium sized box and chances are that your kitty will choose it over the cat bed that you bought for her. She will curl up and happily snooze away. Any kind of container will be a welcome sleeping spot for your cat. Except for the ones that you bought for her!

Toy Mice

Toy mice are another cat favorite. The problem is that they only last around the house for about two days, at least in my experience! Luckily they are inexpensive. When I’ve moved out of houses or apartments, I found those toy mice virtually everywhere. There are toy mice with catnip in them as well. I avoid catnip for my cat because it makes her really nutty, more so than usual.

Dangly Toys

Cats love the toys that have mice or something hanging from the end of string or wire, attached to a stick. Sit on your couch and simply swing it back and forth. Watch your cat go wild and jump in the air and throttle it. This is one of toys that I think that all cats adore!

What does your cat love to play with?