My Name is Charlotte and I’m a Big, Fat Cat

My Name is Charlotte and I’m a Big, Fat Cat

This is what my sweet cat Charlotte would say if she were able to type! I took her to her veterinarian appointment this morning for a full checkup and some grooming.. It was a huge pain, as most vet trips are, but once we get there, she’s very easy to work with. She’s approximately 8 years old and thus needed a senior checkup, sanitary shave and nail trim. She’s in terrific health but, we need to get her weight under control.

I started giving my cat diet cat food and also measuring out portions carefully. I only give her canned food about once per week.  Part of the reasons for her weight issues is just that she’s just not an active cat. She never has been, even when young. We do have a huge backyard, a cat door and a high fence. During warmer months, we let her outside in the afternoons, only in our fenced yard. But, since fall and winter started, she’s been indoor only.

Now that the weather is a bit milder, we will likely start letting her out in the afternoons, just for that extra exercise. After talking with her veterinarian about how hard it is for her to lose weight while being so sedentary, I think that this is the best course of action.

Also, something that the vet mentioned was perhaps replacing some of her cat food with steamed zucchini! My cat isn’t picky with cat food but she is really picky when it comes to “people” food. Apparently one of the other doctors tried mixing steamed zucchini in with dry cat food and it’s worked with her cat. There are a few other dietary modifications we are planning to make, but I’m going to give the zucchini thing a shot.

Do you have any other tips for me? I’m on a mission!