Issues with Matting in Long Haired Cats

Issues with Matting in Long Haired Cats

My cat Charlotte is a sweet love muffin surrounded by hair, lots and lots of hair. That hair has been an issue since day one, even as a sweet little kitty. I found balls of hair everywhere. Now my Charlotte is almost nine years old and it is a continual and frustrating problem. As cats age, and as they gain weight, being able to manage all of their hair can be challenging. Thus, the hair can get matted and that can be uncomfortable for the cat.

When I spoke to my veterinarian about it, she did say that my Charlotte is a, and may not be able to reach all of the areas to clean them and keep them from matting.  Some of it is just that her hair is very long and fluffy. She won’t let us brush her. Will not, won’t happen.

It’s frustrating because while we do take her in for regular checkups, it usually means having to get her in more often to get them to give her a good shave. The expense is not the only issue. Anyone that has a cat knows that a trip in the car, in a cat carrier, is a pretty bad scene. The whole thing is fairly traumatizing to all parties!

The main recommendations are for my cat to lose weight and to brush her. As I said, we can’t brush her really. If we had started when she was tiny, it probably would have been easier. I have her eating diet food and controlling the portions. I’m taking her to the vet next week so I suppose we will see how it’s going then!

I wonder if there is another way to manage it. Thus far, we haven’t found one. What about you? Do you have any ideas for me?