Custom Cat Collars

Custom Cat Collars

My cats don’t wear collars. The only time that they go outside is to use the bathroom and I have a high fence around my backyard and a cat door. Every time I put collars on my cats they take them off. I don’t agree with having outdoor cats but if I did have outdoor cats (I really recommend that no one does) my cats would have to wear collars and a tag. I came across some cool cat collars with adorable prints and patterns.  

A few of the patterned collars that I came across included images of owls, cupcakes, damask patterns, cherry blossoms and polka dots. If you love vintage looks, there are some large floral designs that are reminiscent of the 1970s!

Before you buy any cat collars, always keep in mind that they should be breakaway collars. That is especially imperative for cats that go outside, even if just in your backyard, like mine. When cats climb trees, for example, collars can get stuck and end up hurting or killing your cat. That’s why the breakaway collars are necessary.

Always make sure that you add a tag to the collar, especially if kitty goes outside. For optimal cool cat fashion, don’t get a tag with an unusual shape as it will compete with the design of the collar. Instead, just choose a simple circle or rectangular shape.

It’s easy to keep your cat in style. Instead of going with the plain old collars that you find at any old pet store, take a bit of time and find one that expresses your, and your cat’s, unique personalities.