Cat videos for a person hopelessly allergic to cats

Cat videos for a person hopelessly allergic to cats

Watch these videos and cry.

It's one of the great tragedies in my life that I'm severely allergic to cats. I sneeze and my eyes start burning if I get anywhere near a living room that houses a cat. But I really would love to have a cat at home. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, too, but cats like the solitude that I would inevitably provide them. Like many others allergic to cats, I feed my misery by watching cats being adorable or hysterical. There is no dearth of options on the Interwebs. Here are some of my favorite cat videos and pictures:

Tokyo's Cat Cafe. In Japan, it's very expensive to keep pets at apartment complexes, if they're allowed at all, so many cat lovers can't have cats of their own. As a remedy to this problem, Tokyo's Cat Cafe allows cat lovers to come into the shop to play, pet and feed their feline friends. They can also sip tea and order food while they interact with the cats. This video from The Guardian online shows how adorable and well-organized the Cat Cafe is. I wonder when this will become a worldwide phenomenon.

Maru, a Japanese cat that really likes boxes. Another Japanese kitty, Maru is one of the most famous cats on YouTube because he's so ornery and curious. His best-loved videos have him jumping into hollowed-out boxes and getting his legs stuck out of the box. Aw! Another hilarious video features poor Maru wandering around the house with a paper bag stuck on his head. I wish I could have a cat this cute.


Shirobu, a Japanese cat who always has to wear stupid costumes. I guess I have a thing for Japanese cats because Shirobu is my favorite YouTube cat of all time. He's a really fat, white Himalayan cat whose eyes and mouth make him look perpetually pissed off. That doesn't deter his owner from putting him in ridiculous get-ups, like a bee costume, a variety of long-haired wigs, and my personal favorite, a tiger costume. She--I assume his owner is a she--pushes him around in a baby carriage.

BuzzFeed's 21 Vintage Cat Advertisements. Obsessive cat loving isn't a recent development. Cats have been used to hock a variety of products, from hair dye to Corvettes, since the beginning of advertising. I don't know about you, but a cut kitten would definitely make me buy a bottle of absinthe.

What are your favorite cat-related destinations on the Internet?