Can Cats and Bunnies Get Along?

Can Cats and Bunnies Get Along?

The answer is that it depends. How is that for a definitive answer? Honestly, there are just too many variables and depends on the temperaments and ages of individual cats and bunnies. Bunnies in particular can really vary from each other. Some are plain old mean and some are big love bugs. Mine happens to be a big lover! Here is how the whole cat/bunny thing works in my house.

We got our bunny rabbit about two years ago. He lives indoors most of the time, although we do have a large pen for him outside for summer time. He runs around the house a few hours a day at least. Sugar, the bunny, is a stinker so we always keep an eye on him, lest he chew up every cord and then decide to take a nap in the litter box.

Our bunny is very interested in the cats. He’s interested in what’s going on with them. He would love to snuggle up or play. But, cats and bunnies don’t exactly communicate well. He’s not super aggressive either way.

Cat number one is interested in him. Sometimes she will lie nearby or play around just a bit. He doesn’t understand boundaries so we watch him like a hawk. Just once she started to bat him on the head and that is always dangerous. She was mostly just trying to steer him away, not act aggressively.

Cat number two just thinks that he’s an alien. He chases her around sometimes and tries to get next to her but she’s not having that! I often catch her just staring at him as though she’s trying to figure out what he is!

If you have cats and bunnies, or just one of each, just make sure to watch them at all times. One claw in a bunny’s eye and it will be bad news. Also, if a bunny feels cornered, he can put the smack down on a cat with those back legs!